Our Shotokan Karate grading system is internationally recognized in SKIF (Shotokan Karate International Federation). From junior grade level (“Kyu” or the non-black belt grades) to the highest dan level, we follows the SKIF grading, and students will get their certifications accordingly. All dan grades must be registered at SKIF General Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Once registered such grades are universally recognized by all SKIF affiliates and many other traditional karate organizations around the world.

Grading requirement

Each grading covers all elements of Karate — kihon (basic), kata (forms), and kumite(sparring). All BMAF Karate students begin with a white belt and may advance through different levels up to and including Black Belt , a Kyu/dan grading rank list is included below.

Because all students have different potentials, it is important not to compare your progress with that of another. Grading and ranks should only be used as a means by which to measure your own improvement. It is the student’s responsibility to do his or her best during the grading and to accept the rank awarded with dignity and humility. The most important point is the student’s mental attitude.

Students are expected to progress at a pace commensurate with their ability and desire, and in general will take a grading exam periodically. During those training lessons, class attendance is monitored and students are expected to attend class regularly. Please refer to the each level of grading exam requirement for training lessons.

Grading training course will be held once per month, which is for students who had registered for grading.

 The belt ranking system of Shotokan Karate
10 Kyu - white
9 Kyu - WHite + 1 STRIPE
8 Kyu - yellow
7 Kyu - Orange
6 Kyu - Green
5 Kyu - Blue
4 Kyu - purple
3 Kyu - Brown
2 Kyu - Brown + 1 Stripe
1 Kyu - Brown + 2 Stripes
ShoDan - black